Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sharp hunters!

So the big news around here is that I shot my first buck! I'm sure my parents never thought they would see the day. I've gone hunting a few times before with Jared, but only for small stuff like porqupines, sage hen, etc. I have to say that I wondered if I would feel bad if I shot a deer, but I didn't. It was awesome! Of course, the meat we get from hunting is what feeds our family all year. We didn't have enough last year so it'll be great to have the freezer totally stocked.

Jared, of course, got a great buck. He also got a doe tag this year and an elk and deer tag in Montana. We should have plenty of meat for our family and some to share!
Update: Jared got a great buck in Montana. The first picture is of the newest buck. Hopefully he'll get an elk in the next few weeks as well.