Monday, December 1, 2008

Sea World and Mexico

We went to Sea World San Diego and then on a cruise to Mexico last week. We had a great time. The girls LOVED Sea World. We only had about 5 hours there but I'm sure they would have been happy with 50. My parents, brothers and sisters and all of their kids were there and it was so fun. Then we met up with the entire Ferguson clan for a cruise to Mexico. It was for our Ferguson family reunion. There were 75 of us on the boat! The weather was fairly cold so we didn't do much swimming, but we had fun exploring the huge boat, eating way too much food, and playing with cousins. One of my favorite nights on the cruise was the hypnotist show. Hilarious! We stopped in Cabo San Lucas for an awesome day on the beach and then in Ensenada for some sight seeing and shopping. Mexico was great.
We've been off the boat for about 3 days and I still feel the rocking and swaying. It's driving me crazy. But we had a great time and loved seeing everybody. What a fun Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween fun!

The kids had tons of fun on Halloween. Sheridyn, Savannah, and I dressed up as witches and baby Katelyn was a princess. We took the kids to "Boo at the Zoo!" The zoo goes all out with hundred of pumpkins, lights, decorations, etc. to create a fun atmosphere and they also have craft tables, haunted houses, and treat stations. We met most of their cousins there and had a great time. We also visited grandparents to show them our costumes, of course! I'm not a big fan of all that candy but they really didn't get much this year. It was perfect! The girls are already excited for next Halloween.
And Jared and I had a great time at our annual adults-only-dress-up party. I was an Egyptian princess and you won't believe how Jared dressed up. The crazy man shaved the top half of his head totally bald and then colored the rest of it grey and went as an old man. It looked so real. I'd laugh every time I saw him. I tried to talk him into saving it for a week so he could re-create the look for our ward Halloween party and Halloween day, but no luck. He is so much fun and loves to dress up for this kind of stuff. Enjoy the pics.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sharp hunters!

So the big news around here is that I shot my first buck! I'm sure my parents never thought they would see the day. I've gone hunting a few times before with Jared, but only for small stuff like porqupines, sage hen, etc. I have to say that I wondered if I would feel bad if I shot a deer, but I didn't. It was awesome! Of course, the meat we get from hunting is what feeds our family all year. We didn't have enough last year so it'll be great to have the freezer totally stocked.

Jared, of course, got a great buck. He also got a doe tag this year and an elk and deer tag in Montana. We should have plenty of meat for our family and some to share!
Update: Jared got a great buck in Montana. The first picture is of the newest buck. Hopefully he'll get an elk in the next few weeks as well.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Flower girls!

My Little Flower Girls!

Sheriydn and Savannah were the flower girls for our cousin Brianna's wedding. I was a little worried that when the time came to start walking they would be too scared and refuse to go. But they did grat! They smiled and dropped their flowers and looked super cute in their beautiful dresses. It was a fun day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A blast from the past!

Since I just barely started this blog, a lot of my favorite pictures aren't on here. So I went through my older stuff and found some of my favorite memories and pictures and wanted to share them with all of you. Enjoy! Sheridyn was so excited to go to the dinosaur museum last year.

Savannah in her blessing dress

Sheridyn, age 3 months

The day I had Sheriydn

Taken one week before I had Katelyn

Savannah waiting for her turn to hit the pinata!

Savannah eating her cupcake at her 2nd birthday party

Baby Savannah....what a cute smile!

Sheridyn, age 1

Me and Savannah, age 1

The morning I had Savannah. What a sweet baby!

Sheridyn (age 15 months) looking at her new baby sister, Savannah

Daddy and Sheriydn

Sheridyn on Grandpa Sharp's swing

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

The 4th of July was a great day. We got up early to get ready for the parade. The girls got WAY too much candy there and then we headed over to the park for the festivities. Katelyn doesn't like being in the wind so she went to Grandma Sharp's house while the rest of us played at the park. Poor Sheridyn got way too hungry and tired there and had a massive melt down. But once she calmed down, ate some food and took a rest....she was ok. The kids jumped in one of those huge bouncy toys, ate some Philipino food, and played with balloons. It was fun to have Holly's family (my sister) here from Arizona. After the park we had more food and fun and Jared's parents house. The kids played in the sprinklers and we all went to the rodeo that night. Of course, we stayed for the fireworks show and slept very well that night. We love America!

Our favorite place!

The cabin is our favorite place. Mom and Dad rent it out whenever they aren't using it... so whenever it's open WE ARE THERE! We love to play out on the lake. At first Savannah was a little nervous about riding in the boat but she likes it now. Now the girls are even a little adventurous and will ride out on the tubes behind the boat. Jared is a crazy man out there and gets some serious air. It's fun to watch him and my brothers battle and try to take each other out on the tubes. I actually don't have any pictures of that. I'm always holding one of the kids when that's going on. When we're not on the water, the kids are usually outside on the deck playing and us moms are just hanging out together. It's a guys paradise up there. They like to go hunting and ride the 4-wheelers and that kind of stuff.

Jared gets all his hours in Monday through Thursday, so we always have an extra long weekend to be together. That's something that I've always really appreciated in Jared. He works hard during the week but he makes sure to play with us as much as possible. He loves spending time with his girls! What a great dad and husband!